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Vichy Catalan Sugar-Free Flavors

Made with Vichy Catalan water and natural essences

Vichy Catalan Sabores Lemon
Vichy Catalan Sugar-Free Flavors is a range of flavored waters, made with Vichy Catalan Genuine water and natural essences, suitable for drinking at any moment and for all tastes. It comes in a wide range of flavors: Lemon, Orange, Lemon-Lime and Mint.

In addition to being made with Vichy Catalan natural sparkling mineral water and natural ingredients, they do not contain any sugar or calories, making them a range of completely healthy drinks.

The Sugar-Free Flavors range comes in two formats: in a 250ml glass bottle, ideal for drinking in bars, restaurants and on terraces; and in a 330ml can with a biodegradable plastic protective lid, which preserves the product and ensures that it is always hygienic, so that it can be drunk anywhere and at any time.

Because there is always a Vichy Catalan for every moment.


Vichy Catalan Sabores Lemon 0.33L can

Vichy Catalan Sabores Orange 0.33L can

Vichy Catalan Sabores Lemon-Lime 0.33L can

Vichy Catalan Sabores Mint 0.33L can

Vichy Catalan Sabores Apple

Vichy Catalan Sabores Apple 0.33L can