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Fuente del Val

The history of water
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Fuente del Val is the water that has been around forever; it is the water which takes us back to the past, it is what identifies us with a unique valley and it is soul. It is… the history of water.


Fuente del Val has a long history. Its origin dates from 1897, when the tests carried out by Dr. Manuel Lojo, professor at the University of Santiago, resulted in it being declared of public utility.

The Fuente del Val spring is located in the town of Mondariz, Pontevedra. This spring is located within a mining protection perimeter of 43 million square meters, to avoid the deterioration of the quality of the water and its flows.

The ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 and EMAS III certifications guarantee water quality and recognize the work of the company in the efficient management of resources and in the protection of the environment. Throughout its history, Fuente del Val has received national and even international awards and recognition.


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Fuente del Val is a low sodium water especially suitable for diets low in this mineral. Its low concentration of sodium and bicarbonates also makes it the ideal water for preparing baby food.

The water is characterized by its great transparency, with an intense brightness that reinforces its original purity. Being pleasant on the palate, along with its low mineral content, gives it a light and smooth evolution that reinforces its refreshing character. It is a taste of Galicia in the mouth, a taste of the character of our land.

Fuente del Val 330ml Vidrio

Fuente del Val 330ml

Fuente del Val 500ml Vidrio

Fuente del Val 500ml

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Fuente del Val 750ml

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Fuente del Val 920ml

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Fuente del Val 330ml PET

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Fuente del Val 500ml PET

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Fuente del Val 1,5L PET

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Fuente del Val 5L


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Our waters emerge naturally carbonated. They are waters with a low mineral content and a composition of minerals that is not only balanced but also stable, such as iron, calcium, bicarbonates and sodium, among others.
Our sparkling water has fine bubbles, smaller than in other sparkling waters on the market, making it an easy and pleasant water to drink.
Fuente del Val 330ml Vidrio Con Gas

Fuente del Val 330ml Sparkling Water

Fuente del Val 500ml Vidrio Con Gas

Fuente del Val 500ml Sparkling Water