Vichy Catalan:
140 years of history

Discover the history of the oldest mineral-medicinal water

Vichy Catalan
vichy Catalan

In 1881, Dr. Modest Furest Roca discovered the mineral-medicinal properties of the water springing from a source in Caldes de Malavella, La Selva.

Vichy Catalan was about to be born, and so began a 140-year history.


Play with the photographs to discover how Vichy Catalan has changed in 140 years.

The bottle

The Vichy Catalan bottle has adapted to every era until reaching the emblematic 'trencadís' inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudí. In 2017, the World Awards honoured the Vichy Catalan 1.2-litre bottle with the award for the best bottle in the world.


Vichy Catalan was first sold in pharmacies. The labelling therefore highlighted the composition of the drink and its benefits. The current label maintains the original illustration of the smoke and, with the 'trencadís' inspired by Gaudí's work, adopts a more modern and eye-catching image.


Vichy Catalan's early designs focused on highlighting the digestive benefits of carbonated water. Nowadays, other elements are highlighted, such as the taste, the absence of sugar, the wide variety of products and audiences, as well as the different times to consume them.

The spa

In its beginnings the Vichy Catalan spa was a hospital offering treatments based on thermal water. It evolved to become the famous Hotel Balneari Vichy Catalan, adapting and modernising the facilities but preserving the concept of wellness and health.

Production plants

Vichy Catalan Corporation's production plants have modernised machinery and optimised resources and production time, which has made it possible to reduce energy expenditure and the impact on the environment.

Delivery trucks

From the very beginning, the Vichy Catalan brand was highly visible on the vehicles that distributed the product. This trend has continued to this day, with the 'trencadís' as a decorative element.



Dr. Modest Furest Roca observed that the sheep that drank from the spring at Caldes de Malavella (Girona) were in very good health. For this reason, he decided to study the composition of the water and discovered its mineral-medicinal properties.
arrow_forwardThe water springs with its own gas, at a temperature of 60º and with a unique mineral composition.
In 1881, the famous doctor acquired the spring and the adjacent land.
Dr. Furest studying the properties of the Caldes de Malavella spring
Sheep grazing near the thermal springs
Sheep grazing near the thermal springs
Dr. Furest studying the properties of the Caldes de Malavella spring


The Vichy Catalan brand name is registered, the water is declared medicinal mineral water and marketing in pharmacies begins. The first bottling plant had opened a few months earlier, in 1889.
"El Fumet", an illustration by Vichy Catalan Corporation


The foundation stone is laid for the Vichy Catalan spa, which opened in 1904.
A bird's eye view of the Vichy Catalan spa
A bird's eye view of the Vichy Catalan spa
The south façade
The south façade


The "novísima" was inaugurated, an innovative bottling plant, leader in the bottled water market, with a capacity to fill 6,000 quarter-litre bottles per hour. In 1967, technological innovation continues with the acquisition of a new machine with a capacity to fill 20,000 litre bottles per hour.
A picture of the
A picture of the "novísima" in 1959


The company embarks on a diversification strategy and acquires new sources and well-known brands.


Font d'Or Les Creus


Font del Regàs


Aigües de Mondariz y Font del Val Font del Val




Monte Pinos



Vichy Catalan Corporation began to export its products and thus embarked on a path that has led it to be present and recognised on all five continents.


Vichy Catalan and Font d'Or are chosen as Olympic Waters at the Barcelona 92 Games. Ten years later, in 2003, Vichy Catalan was selected as one of the 60 most representative brands in Spain by the Association of Renowned Brands (AMRE).
Vichy Catalan and Font d'Or, Olympic waters
Vichy Catalan and Font d'Or, Olympic waters


The first natural carbonated mineral water bottled in a can with a biodegradable lid is launched. In the same year, the Vichy Catalan 0% Sugar Flavours line also came onto the market. The range was completed in 2015 with lemon, orange, lemon-lime, mint and Vichy Catalan Premium Tonic Water.
Vichy Catalan Genuine, 0.33 L can
Vichy Catalan Genuine, 0.33 L can


Vichy Catalan Corporation returns to pharmacies with the launch of the innovative Vichy d'Or assortment of functional beverages.
The Vichy d'Or functional drinks line
The Vichy d'Or functional drinks line


The Vichy Catalan Fruit line is launched, a new healthy drink made with Vichy Catalan and fruit juice, with no added sugars and with stevia. The available flavours are: apple, orange, strawberry, pineapple-coconut and lemon.
Vichy Catalan Fruit, the new range of products
Vichy Catalan Fruit, the new range of products


Vichy Catalan Corporation launches Oasis Thermal Care, a new mineral-medicinal thermal personal care range. The only range on the market containing Vichy Catalan carbonated water. It debuts with 6 products: bath gel, shampoo, body cream, face cream, thermal water and hydroalcoholic gel.
The complete range of Oasis thermal care, the new personal care line
The complete range of Oasis thermal care, the new personal care line