Kipy is the nectar brand of fruits produced by Jugos Canarios, of GVC.

Kipy is introduced into different sizes of functional packaging of Tetra Brick Aseptic, in volumes of 1L, perfect to have at home in family, and in 200ml to take away during the day and everywhere: at work, at the school, during the meals or after a gym class...

Its new fashionable and attractive desing it immerse us perfectly in the world of the natural fruit. Not only it emphasizes the colour and the perception of the aroma but also the delicious taste of the fruit just picked.

In addition to its handy and attractive packaging, Kipy offers you 5 different tastes: pineapple, tropical, orange, peach and pear-pineapple.

Kipy provides proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins which turns it into a perfect nectar of fruits as complement of our daily diet.

Kipy is easy to take away and quick to drink.