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Mondariz, X de June 2017.– Aguas de Mondariz launches its new advertising campaign with a definite and direct claim: “Mondariz Unbeatable. The best water in the world,” highlighting its excellence, quality and flavour. These are features endorsed by Brussels’ iTQi, the International Taste & Quality Institute, that in 2015 and 2016 granted two Diamond Awards to Aguas de Mondariz for its two still and sparkling waters. Consequently, it is the only brand of water in the world to receive these awards after a blind tasting conducted by over 200 experts from the catering industry.

The campaign consists of a 30-seconds commercial that will be broadcast on the Galician TVG channel and online by the main media groups MiTele and Atresmedia, Youtube and JustPremium. Along with the ad, the campaign is strengthened by external advertising on billboards, advertising panels, buses, and bus shelters.

The TV commercial presents an open and positive image, with everyday life scenes that provide viewers with a positive view of a brand that has been around for over 140 years and where water is the star. This unsurpassable, excellent-quality water offers unique features, but the ad also draws attention to the Mondariz mineral water sugar-free soft drinks, while pitching a new product from the range of nectars: Mondariz Frutas Impulsa, with magnesium and no added sugar, helps to reduce fatigue. The campaign’s graphic elements show a packshot of Mondariz products where water takes the centre stage, accompanied by the brand’s Premium soft drinks.

The claim to Mondariz mineral water’s distinction also gives it an advantage over other brands due to its mineral-medicinal properties (a feature that very few Spanish waters can boast) as it also contributes to good health and well-being. The unmatchable properties of this water are also used in the production of other products from the Galician Brand, such as its soft drinks: Mondariz Premium Cola, Mondariz Premium Tea and Mondariz Sport (available in citrus and orange flavours), marketed in 33 cl cans, glass bottles and PET bottles.

This campaign continues to strengthen Aguas de Mondariz’s market position, highlighting the quality, properties and guarantee of its products. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand to provide a brand image that has successfully moved forward and adapted to new consumer needs, without losing sight of its origins.

Watch the full commercial here: