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Fuent Pinos

Naturally from Soria

Fuent Pinos has been produced since 1975 following the traditional recipe, and is made with Monte Pinos natural mineral water, sugar-free and zero calorie.

Fuent Pinos appeals to the curious palate. The domestic and family image of this drink has now given way to other codes of conduct, and demand for it has grown in places of leisure and entertainment, as well as restaurants. Fuent Pinos soda water has 0 calories and is appreciated for its smooth and refreshing quality.


This is the only soda water made with Monte Pinos natural mineral water.
The first soda water with blue packaging. It is ideal to drink on its own or as a complement with red wine to make the typically Spanish drink “tinto de verano”. 0% sugar, 0 calories.

Fuent Pinos Soda Water PET 1.25L

Fuent Pinos Soda Water PET 0.5L

Fuent Pinos Soda Water 0.5L glass bottle


Made with Monte Pinos natural mineral water, with 0% sugar and 0 calories.

Fuent Pinos in its most refreshing and lemon flavored version is highly valued by the hotel and restaurant sector, and is also increasingly common in places of leisure and entertainment, where it is popular for its flavor. Fuent Pinos, with added vitamin C, has a pleasant taste, an exact acidity point and an exotic citrus aroma making it a drink that creates sensations and is ideal for preparing shandies, sangría, mixed drinks, cocktails or, when served with red wine, the classic Spanish drink “tinto de verano”.

Our experience in manufacturing soda waters and soft drinks and the study of the product by our master carbonators have led us to create Fuent Pinos Lemon.
With 0 calories and the delicious taste of lemons from Murcia, it is an ideal soft drink for any moment, and is also perfect for combining in the preparation of shandies, mixed drinks and cocktails.

Fuent Pinos Lemon PET 1.25L

Fuent Pinos Lemon PET 0.5L