Font d'Or

We give shape to
“the best water in the world”

                            Font d’Or “Maximum”

Font d'Or water is presented in premium packaging specially made to do justice to its unrivalled quality, this is the new Font d'Or Maximum. The result speaks for itself. The distinctive seal of Font d’Or Maximum has been given an elegant label that shows off the refined packaging to perfection.
The stylish bottle has an unmistakeable, subtly curved silhouette. It is very easy to hold in one hand, it feels luxurious, touchable, inviting and hedonistic.

                 The best water for the best tables

A different way of setting your table. Font d'Or Máximum was conceived to adequately meet the needs of the restaurant and catering sector. The new blue glass bottle, with its sophisticated design, is the natural complement to good food, both in terms of flavour and attractive appearance.

                 Font d'Or, worth its weight in gold

The Font d’Or labels picture the 6 gold medals awarded for quality by leading Spanish associations and organisations for professionals working in the world of hotel management, catering, nutrition and cocktails.