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Mondariz BeFruit

Mondariz BeFruit

Mondariz BeFruit is the ideal blend of sparkling natural mineral water and fruit juice, making for a new and refreshing drink with 0% added sugars. It comes in two flavours: orange with a touch of blood orange and lemon with hints of ginger. It is available in two sizes, 0.5 L and 1.2 L, and just right for any time of the day. The healthiest blend.

Mondariz befruit
Mondariz BeFruit naranja
Bodegon Mondariz BeFruit Naranja

Mondariz BeFruit Orange is made with sparkling natural mineral water and the juice of three oranges per litre of sparkling natural mineral water, giving it just the right balance. Plus a touch of blood orange for an intense flavour.

Bodegon Mondariz BeFruit Limón
MOndariz BeFruit lemon

Mondariz BeFruit Lemon is made with the juice of one lemon per litre and sparkling natural mineral water, making for the perfect blend which combines the acidity of the lemon and the flavour of the sparkling natural mineral water. With a hint of ginger for the unique BeFruit Lemon flavour.


Mondariz BeFruit Naranja 500ml

Mondariz BeFruit Orange 0,5L

Mondariz BeFruit Orange 1,2L

Mondariz BeFruit Lemon 0,5L

Mondariz BeFruit Lemon 1,2L


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Mondariz con gas

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