Premium Pleasure

Natural and with no added sugars, these are the Lambda sugar free fruit juices and nectars.

Lambda offers a new variety of sugar-free juices and nectars as an excellent way of following a balanced diet, supplying the vitamins and energy you need for coping with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Lambda sugar free juices and nectars are particularly suitable for people at greater risk of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay, who avoid any product that includes added sugars. Plus, of course they are also suitable for people who are simply overweight and want to avoid sugary drinks, in short, for anyone who eats well to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

At Lambda we are specialists in extracting the very best from the fruit, its best-kept properties: from the most pleasurable, like flavour and aroma, to the ones that provide the best nourishment for our bodies. And without forgetting your health. For your enjoyment. For you to look after yourself.