Spellbinding flavour

FUENTPINOS is the perfect accomplice for curious palates that love to experiment. Nowadays, this drink’s domestic, family image has given way to other codes of conduct, with clubs, bars and restaurants alike are noticing an ever-increasing demand. FUENTPINOS soda has 0 calories and this natural version is very popular for its mild flavour and refreshing qualities.

                         Spellbinding lemon flavour

The most refreshing lemon-flavoured version of FUENTPINOS is very popular with the restaurant and catering sector, and demand is also increasing in clubs and bars, where customers like the flavour. FUENTPINOS, with its added vitamin C, has a very pleasant flavour, just the right level of acidity and an exotic citrus aroma, making a drink that creates sensations and is ideal for mixing with lager and for preparing sangria, combination drinks, cocktails and summer drinks.